5 Interior Design Tips Using Hanlin Products

From the ancient times to the present day, cowhides and sheepskins have been used to create softness and comfort in homes. Cowhides have been used for a variety of different things such as flooring, upholstery, furniture and even art pieces. The use of cowhide and sheepskin in the home has become much more widespread in recent years due to its luxurious quality and aesthetic.

At Hanlin, we have plenty of pieces that will look great in your customers homes, with varying sizes and colours to suit each individual home. There are a few things to consider when decorating with our skins or hides, so we’re here to help with some useful tips for your customers when it comes to decorating with our products to really elevate the look of the room.

Match With The Colours Of Your Room

A huge benefit cowhide accessories have to offer is how unique and interesting it can look in comparison to other standard types of rugs.  Our Cowhides come in a diverse array of different colours. We have natural, metallic, and printed/dyed options for you and your customers to choose from.

Matching doesn’t always mean choosing a cowhide piece that is an identical colour to some of the furniture and walls in the room, sometimes this can make a room look dull and less exciting. Instead, choosing a contrasting colour that compliments the colours already present in the room can look amazing. For example, if you have all dark furniture and elements, a white cowhide rug can look great.

Measure Your Area

When considering using a sheepskin or cowhide to decorate your room, measuring the area you want the product in is an essential part of purchasing a decorative piece. This way, you can consider how you want the item to look in your room. As our sheepskins come in so many varying sizes, it’s important to have an idea of what size will be the best for you. For large rooms, our octo skins could be a great option.

Even if it’s not being used as a rug, but you are thinking of decorating a chair with a small sheepskin, such as our single sheepskins, you need to consider the size of the chair. Too small or large of a piece won’t look great and you may be disappointed with how it looks if you don’t measure before purchasing.

Consider Where Furniture Is

Cowhides can accentuate the overall look of a room, and looks great when combined with furniture to create a statement piece. For example, placing a statement chair on top of a cowhide with a design that compliments the chair on top can really add colour and dimension to a space.

Using Cowhides alongside furniture can add texture and a feeling of warmth to rooms. For example, having a large cowhide underneath a dining table can give a cold dining room a nice warm and cosy feeling.

Layer Multiple Pieces

Found more than one rug you love and can’t decide which one you like more. Maybe you need to add some more depth to the design of a room. Why not try layering your two favourites together as a rug?

If you decide to piece more than one cowhide rug together, remember the rule of contrast. Two cowhides with very similar design features and colours, but not quite identical, can clash and look cluttered. With contrasting colours layered rugs could add a real statement to any room.

The same goes with Sheepskins, especially when used as a throw. Pair together two complimenting smaller sheepskins to pair together over the end of a bed, to add a pop of colour and a warm cosy feeling to any bedroom.

Caring For Your Items

Once you have your perfect Hanlin skins or hides taking pride of place in the home you want them to look as good as the day you bought them for as long as possible. It is important to properly care for any skins and hides to keep them looking their best.

For sheepskins, brushing your rugs or throws with metal combs or slicker-type brushes will be the best thing you can do for it. This can help to restore the pile and keep it nice and fluffy, as well as getting rid of surface dirt and particles. Stains and light soiling can be spot cleaned easily with a damp cloth and mild detergent. For a more thorough clean, and to gain the best result, dry-cleaning is recommended.  Natural sheepskin can be hand or machine-washed in warm water (35°C) using a mild liquid detergent that is suitable for wool, on a ‘gentle’ wash cycle. However, Hanlin only recommend machine washing as a last resort.

It’s also important to avoid direct sunlight. This stops UV damage or fading of darker shaded products.

To clean cowhides, you may use the soft bristle brush attachment on your vacuum, going with the grain of the hair, do not push the hair upwards.

In dry conditions you may take the hide outdoors and give a gentle shake, this will allow fresh air into the hide and give it the opportunity to breathe, helping to release any odours that collected in the hair and will also help the clean the underneath.

For any spills, take a damp cloth and using a small amount of mild soap gently wipe in the direction of the hair grain. Do not get the hide too wet. Once you have removed the spill, use a clean damp cloth to gently remove any excess soap. Put an object underneath the area of the spill to allow for drying. Not suitable for machine or dry cleaning.

Stock Hanlin For Your Customers

If you think that our sheepskins and cowhides could make an excellent decorative item for your customers, register with us for a trade account.

At Hanlin we pride ourselves on high quality items, in wholesale quantities, at competitive prices. We will be happy to help advice on the best pieces to stock for your store, boutique or ecommerce site.