Cowhides: Everything You Need To Know.

Cowhides are an excellent way to add warmth and comfort to any room in your home. But many people have questions about cowhides. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know before purchasing cowhides from us at Hanlin.

Sourcing Our Cowhides

Our range of cowhide rugs are a biproduct of the South American meat industry where instead of going to waste, cowhides are tanned and preserved with the hair on. This showcases their spectacular unique markings and can provide a natural covering for walls, stone, and wooden floors, or as use as a throw over furniture to add texture and colour to any interior.

Each of our cowhides have been hand selected by our team at Hanlin, working with some of the finest tanneries in South America to ensure good quality and variation of markings. As with all natural hides and skins, you should expect to see hides that have some fire branding marks, scarring or insect bite marks. Some may have minor imperfections or small patched repairs, but this does not take away from the hides stunning appearance as a whole piece and should not be viewed as a defect.

Versatile Styling

Cowhides are extremely versatile when it comes to design and colourways. No two cowhides are the same as the animals are all unique. Our cowhides come in many different colours, so you’ll have no problem finding one that complements any style of decor. If you’re looking for something different to the traditional brown cowhide, we have plenty of colour variations – you’re sure to find one that’ll be to you and your customer’s taste.

Our printed and metallic cowhides are a great alternative to traditional style cowhides. Metallic cowhides have been sprayed in certain areas to remove patches of hair; these patches are then filled in with a metallic foil for a unique, modern style.

The printed hides come in such a wide variation of styles, and provide a fresh and original look for those after something a bit more fun than the traditional colourways and patterns. A funky piece that we stock at Hanlin are our acid wash cowhides. These hides are treated with a solution to reveal abstract patterns. Our assorted printed cowhides are a very popular choice for storefronts and are available at wholesale quantitates at Hanlin.

They are also versatile in how they can be used. Even though most commonly, cowhides are used as rugs, they can be used in other areas of the home.  Cowhides are widely used as decorative wall hangings in large rooms. This can really show off the unique design and colours of a large cowhide.

Impressive Durability

Cowhides are known for their durability, making them a great choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens or living rooms. Whilst it’s not recommended for a stampede to travel across a genuine cowhide, everyday foot traffic is perfectly fine.

With proper care, cowhides will last for many years even with family members and pets moving across it. The care instructions for cowhides are straight forward and not too labour intensive. To read more about how to properly care for cowhides, click here to find our care guide.

Great For Allergy Sufferers

Cowhides are a great option for rugs and flooring because they’re hypoallergenic. Cowhide rugs are popular because they’re made from natural materials so there’s no need for harsh chemicals during production processes, like other types of synthetic fibres that may be used in carpeting or upholstery. For allergy sufferers, it’s great to know cowhides do not carry allergens.

New Stock Of Cowhides

Here at Hanlin, we have recently had a new stock of cowhides arrive. With such a wide variation of designs available in large, wholesale quantitates, you can rely on Hanlin for high quality hides at competitive prices. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to guide you and help you decide on the best pieces for your shop and customers. We’ve been a cowhide wholesaler for over 30 years, and have built very strong relationships with our customers on the way.

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