How To Decorate With Sheepskin

Sheepskin rugs are a perfect addition to the home that look fantastic all year round, and especially throughout the winter. Surprisingly to some, sheepskin doesn’t just have to be used on the floor as a rug, it’s extremely versatile.

They can fit anywhere in the home depending on size and style of the room, we have a wide range available for you to stock ready for your customers.

Give Your Feet Some Comfort

Sheepskin is an amazing material with many benefits. It is luxuriously smooth and feels wonderful under the feet. Its stylish, and looks great in any space. At Hanlin, we have many different sizes that would be perfect for you to stock for your customers floors.

For those that have big spaces to fill, our octo sheepskin is the piece your customers will love. For smaller spaces our triple sheepskin could look great.

Drape Over Chairs

Some chairs such as metal or rattan chairs look great, but aren’t always the most comfortable to sit on. A small sheepskin single could be used to drape over the edge of the chair to soften it. This makes the seat more comfortable and warmer. Different colours could be used to compliment the homes colour scheme.

Use As A Throw On A Bed

In very cold climates, such as the northern Swedish countryside, sheepskin is used under the sheets for extra warmth and comfort. Here in the UK, sheepskin looks great as a throw at the end of the bed and can be used to help fight a cold night-time chill.

Add Luxury To Minimal Décor

Minimalism is a huge trend at the minute. Sheepskin can do a great job at adding a new element into a space, whilst keeping that minimalist feel thanks to the neutral tones it can provide. At Hanlin we have a large collection of sheepskin in various sizes and colourways. Use one of our larger sheepskins to fill out a room, or make it appear warmer, or perhaps layer a few up for a different look.

Stock Hanlin For Your Customers

If you think that our sheepskins could make an excellent decorative item for your customers, register with us for a trade account.

At Hanlin we pride ourselves on high quality items, in wholesale quantities, at competitive prices. We will be happy to help advice on the best pieces to stock for your store, boutique or ecommerce site.