How To Use Sheepskin and Cowhides To Decorate Your Home

Throughout history, cowhide and sheepskin have been cherished for their ability to add softness and comfort into homes. Hanlin, a distinguished supplier of high-quality cowhide and sheepskin products, offers a wide range of items that can enhance the aesthetics of your customers’ homes. From rugs to throws, these luxurious pieces come in various sizes and colours, making them versatile for any home decor style.

Experiment With Colours:

Hanlin’s cowhide accessories come in a diverse array of colours, including natural, metallic, and printed/dyed options. When styling these products, encourage your customers to think beyond matching identical colours in the room. You can suggest choosing a contrasting colour that complements the existing pieces of furniture and décor within the room. For instance, a white cowhide rug can make a bold statement in a room dominated by dark colours. Embrace the uniqueness of cowhide and experiment with colours to create an exciting and dynamic look. But if a country aesthetic is more what your customers are into, we have the brilliant natural colourways that will be a great choice as well.

Think About Your Space:

Whether using sheepskin or cowhide, measuring the designated area is crucial when incorporating these products into a room. Hanlin’s range of sheepskins come in various sizes, and having a clear idea of the desired size ensures that the product complements the space perfectly. Consider the size of the room or furniture – be it a large cowhide for a spacious living room or a single sheepskin for a small chair. Measuring beforehand helps avoid disappointment and ensures a well-proportioned and visually appealing result.

Where Is It Going?:

Cowhides can enhance the overall look of a room when strategically placed alongside furniture. Encourage your customers to use cowhides as statement pieces by layering them under furniture, such as a dining table or a statement chair. This not only adds texture but also introduces warmth to the room. Consider the design of the cowhide in relation to the furniture to create a harmonious and stylish ensemble. This technique can turn a cold dining room into a welcoming and cosy space.

Try Some Layering:

For customers who love variety and want to add depth to their decor, suggest the idea of layering multiple Hanlin products. Whether it’s cowhide rugs or sheepskin throws, layering offers a unique and visually striking effect. Emphasize the importance of contrast when layering, ensuring that the designs and colours  complement each other without appearing cluttered. Layered cowhide rugs can make a bold statement, while complementing sheepskins can add a pop of colour and warmth to any room.

Care For Your Items Properly:

To ensure that Hanlin’s high-quality skins and hides maintain their pristine condition, it’s crucial to educate your customers on proper care. For sheepskin, we recommend brushing with metal combs or slicker-type brushes to restore the pile and remove surface dirt. Stains can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent, or for a thorough clean, dry-cleaning is recommended. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent UV damage or fading.

For cowhides, use a soft bristle brush attachment on the vacuum, and in dry conditions, gently shake the hide outdoors to allow fresh air in. For spills, use a damp cloth with mild soap, wiping in the direction of the hair grain. Emphasize that cowhides are not suitable for machine or dry cleaning.

Hanlin: A Trusted Wholesaler:

Hanlin’s commitment to quality and style shines through its cowhide and sheepskin products. By following these tips, your customers can confidently style their homes with these luxurious additions, creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also exude comfort and warmth. To stock these exquisite items for your customers, register for a trade account here.