Sell more with our latest lifestyle images!

Our brand new lifestyle photoshoot!

We recently took a wide range of our skins and hides to a fabulous location to do a bit of ‘modelling’ for our latest lifestyle photoshoot – enabling you to sell even more and to showcase your business at its finest.

*All you have to do is get in touch with our sales team to tell us which images you’d like us to send you!


Why quality images are so important

Having great quality images is absolutely vital if you sell online, or at least have an online ‘shop window’. It gives your customers the chance to really visualise what you’re selling, and (according to LYFE Marketing) product photography is vital as it is essentially the ‘face’ of your business.

Understanding the quality of a product is essential for your customers, as they can’t always see and feel the item in person. And if you do sell face-to-face – giving your customers a good idea of what you sell ahead of them coming along to visit you, means that you’ll likely get that sale over the line.


How our new photoshoot can enhance your sales

Our images to date have mainly been in indoor settings, but we are proud to have launched a whole bank of new images in an outdoor habitat. This means you can showcase your stock being used in variety of attractive contexts, and enable your customers to envisage more ways in which they can furnish their homes and gardens.


A sneak peek at our latest photos!

Here’s a little snapshot of our latest images – great aren’t they!

If you would like a fantastic, high-resolution photo to showcase one of our products that you are retailing, then please contact our team and they will send it over to you!


Protecting our mutual interests

As customers of ours, you’ll understand we need to protect our assets from being used in the public domain, and want to ensure that only our loyal customers are able to use them. Therefore, please note the images in this article are not the high-resolution, quality images that you’ll be sent upon request.

Please see our terms of use below:

*We give COMPANY NAME permission to use our Lifestyle Images in order to help you promote the items you have purchased.  If you decide in the future that you no longer wish to purchase these products from Hanlin, we have the right to revoke the licence.

Get your very own lifestyle images now and start promoting your business – just contact our friendly team here at Hanlin!

Outdoor photoshoot of sheepskin quad on ground with patio furniture