Keep warm with Hanlin’s sheepskin fashion accessories

Did you know Hanlin offer a luxurious range of sheepskin accessories? Our registered customers certainly do – so let’s take a look at how your customers can feel warm-and-wonderful as we head into the colder months.

Sheepskin gloves – a perfect choice for winter

During the colder months, Hanlin see high demand for their sheepskin gloves and mittens – and they certainly offer a variety of styles to suit your customer’s taste.

Hanlin say their ‘Ladies Cuff Nappa Glove’ (which comes in a variety of shades) is always a popular seller. The sheepskin wool lining and cuff ensure that hands are kept warm from the fingertips all the way down to the wrist.

But if you customer prefers a more simplistic style, Hanlin’s ‘Ladies Machine Sewn Gloves’ are an elegant alternative, and are a popular choice as driving gloves.

An interesting benefit of sheepskin wool is that it’s breathable and regulates temperature. This means your customers can invest in a new pair of sheepskin gloves without the fear of becoming sweaty or too hot!

Staying warm and stylish with Hanlin’s sheepskin hats

As mentioned, sheepskin fibres are breathable and heat-regulating – so this is a huge advantage of sheepskin headgear!

Hanlin stock a fantastic selection of quality sheepskin hats and scarves, with their range catering for various looks and purposes.

The functional and uber-warm ‘Luxury Unisex Trapper’ style hat is ideal for those who spend long periods of time outside. The side panels of this sheepskin hat cover the sides of the face and ears on days that are especially chilly, and they can be lifted up to offer a different look if the weather isn’t as harsh.

Hanlin also cater for the ladies who like staying warm, but with a more elegant feel. Their ‘Cossack’ range of sheepskin hats add finesse to any outfit, and can be worn as a real statement piece. The same goes for Hanlin’s stunning sheepskin headbands, which come in both long and short wool options – adding a style-statement to outfits come day or night.

Slide in to soft sheepskin slippers this winter

Hanlin are well known for their range of high-quality lambswool and sheepskin slippers, and are top sellers during the colder months!

Hanlin’s sheepskin slippers are all moccasin in style, varying in design and colour, and the option of either hard or soft soles to suit individual taste and purpose.

One of the reasons sheepskin slippers are so popular is because of them being a natural material. Feet often sweat in synthetic linings, but lambswool and sheepskin lined slippers help absorb moisture, resulting in feet that are better cared for!