New Additions To Our Icelandic Sheepskin Range

Here at Hanlin, our showroom is always bursting full with new and amazing products.

We like to ensure that we have a wide range of sheepskin in different sizes and styles, from single skins, right up to our ‘octo’ range – perfect for those who have a large space to furnish. By having such a wide range, we are sure there’s always a product that will be perfect for your customers to decorate their homes with, and add some luxury to their home.

We now offer Icelandic Shorn Sheepskins, these are available in four different shades. Our Icelandic shorn sheepskin has an incredibly lush and thick feeling to the touch, offering warmth and luxury to any room, automatically making it a product your customers will absolutely love.

Another new addition to our collection, is the multi-layer Icelandic sheepskin, available in two shades. These pieces are gorgeous and a real statement piece to decorate any of your customers homes. The skins have multiple layers of sheepskin sewn together to create a unique piece that contains beautiful colour variations. We certainly love them and hope you and your customers will too!

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