Our Icelandic Sheepskin Range

Icelandic sheepskins.  They’re a product we’re sure your customers will love, adding luxury and warmth to any room.  Making them a perfect choice to add to your range .

We have some great Icelandic Sheepskins in stock, available in various sizes:

Icelandic Sheepskins Single

Our Icelandic sheepskin are incredibly lush and thick, offering warmth and luxury to any room, automatically making it a product your customers will absolutely love. We have an amazing range of shades available, these large single Icelandic Sheepskins are sure to give your customers a WOW factor.

Icelandic Sheepskins Double

The beauty of our Icelandic sheepskin double rugs is that they fit perfectly into a range of interior design styles. You can drape them over furniture as well as simply laying them on the floor. If you’re looking to stock up on versatile pieces of interior design, this is a perfect match for your warehouse, online store, boutique, or retail store.

Icelandic Sheepskins Quad

We have some great options available for those requiring a larger skin to fill bigger spaces. Our quad Icelandic sheepskin has all the qualities you’d expect from a premium sheepskin, available to order in wholesale quantities. Keeping up the amazing quality expected of Hanlin products.

Icelandic Sheepskins Sexto

One of the largest options we offer in our Icelandic sheepskin collection is our “sexto” size. We have sourced larger sheepskins that have been lovingly crafted to combine multiple sheepskins, for a truly special offering that acts as the perfect piece to stock.

Icelandic Sheepskins Octo

The Octo size of our Icelandic sheepskin range is the biggest Icelandic Sheepskin we offer, working perfectly as a feature piece for your interior design, covering a large surface area in comparison to other products in this range. This sheepskin is available in large quantities at wholesale prices, ready to ship to your boutique, shop, or warehouse. This is a special piece because of its quality and size.

Here at Hanlin we are always happy to offer advice on which sheepskins will suit your customer base. Our sheepskins are sourced from the best providers worldwide, to ensure the highest quality and great colours. We always provide a reliable service and competitive prices.

To care for your Icelandic sheepskin, shake out the skin and gently comb through the thick fleece with your Hanlin Rug Brush a few times a month.

For anymore assistance on our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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