Our New Stock Of Cowhides!

At Hanlin, we pride ourselves on the quality of hides we provide at competitive prices for wholesale. We have recently received a delivery of cowhides and we are sure your customers will love them. We’re so excited for you to see our amazing new cowhide range.

When new stock arrives with us at Hanlin, we must go through the process of photographing all the individual hides for viewing online. Having great quality images is vital if you sell online, or at least have an online ‘shop window’.  We are happy to provide you with images of any cowhides you purchase, just contact a member of the sales team.

We understand that being able to view the hides online is essential as some of you aren’t always able to come and visit us at our showroom in person to select.

Our most recent delivery contains a wide range of high-quality cowhides in plenty of different colour variations and different sizes. We are sure to have something that suits your store, and is perfect for your customers. We have Black/White, Brown/White, Speckled, Exotic, Grey, Beige/Grey, Beige/White, Tri Colour, Metallic and Printed.

To see our new additions, keep visiting our website or if you’re able to visit us at our showroom, we look forward to seeing you! To book an appointment to visit us in person, please click here.

For anymore assistance on our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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