These rugs can be used as wall decorations and floor coverings either inside or outside the home. Each skin is unique with luxurious markings and super soft fur. Reindeer herders originate from the Sami people, nomadic tribes travelling the fells of Sweden, Norway and spreading to Finland in rhythm with the seasons. The Reindeer provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools. Reindeer is still important today to the Sami people’s culture and very existence.


Economy – May have Insect marks, cuts, scars, bald patches, irregular shape.

Best Quality – May have Insect marks, small hole (no bigger than a ten pence piece), minor scars on hair side, regular shape.

Premium Quality – are free from holes and insect marks on leather side, may have minor scars on hair side, regular shape.


Reindeer hides should not be placed near extreme heat, in front of a fire, conservatories, near a radiator or on floors with under floor heating. Please avoid stepping, sitting or walking on the hide to prevent shedding. Do not allow animals to lie on your hide, they love to dig out the hair.


Place the hide on the wall, use a standard vacuum cleaner but choose the lowest power. Vacuum from head to feet. Gentle cleaning should be done approximately once a year.

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