Using Sheepskin Rugs To Elevate Your Outdoor Furniture

While traditionally, sheepskin rugs are associated with cosy indoor spaces, these beautiful rugs can also be used to transform your outdoor furniture into an area of elegance and comfort. In this blog, we will explore the extraordinary potential of using sheepskins with your outdoor furniture, providing a unique look that will captivate your customers.

Relax In Style

Imagine lounging on a soft and plush sheepskin rug, relaxing with its gentle texture, while indulging in the fresh air of the outdoors. Sheepskin’s softness and natural insulation qualities make it the ideal material for outdoor relaxation. Whether you have patio chairs, garden benches, or even poolside loungers, draping them with sheepskin rugs adds an irresistible layer of comfort that your customers won’t be able to resist.

Match Your Outdoor Aesthetic

Luxury lies not only in comfort but also in aesthetics. Sheepskin rugs effortlessly elevate the visual appeal of any outdoor setting. Their natural, organic allure blends harmoniously with nature’s palette, seamlessly integrating with a variety of outdoor furniture styles. The texture and rich colour variations of sheepskin rugs instantly create a lavish atmosphere, making your customers’ outdoor spaces an envy-inducing retreat.

At Hanlin, we stock varying sizes that can fill any type of space, from large sheepskins to the smaller single sheepskins. Customers can effortlessly customize their outdoor decor, tailoring it to their personal style and preferences.

Luxury And Sturd Sheepskin.

At Hanlin Ltd., we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest quality sheepskins, ensuring that our customers receive products of exceptional craftsmanship but still at affordable wholesale prices. Our sheepskin rugs are designed to withstand outdoor use, maintaining their impeccable quality over time, providing proper care – be sure to read our care guides. In particular, our Icelandic sheepskins are well suited to the outdoors, due to the weather conditions they typically face where they’re originally sourced from.

Stock Hanlin Sheepskins In Your Store

With Hanlin’s exquisite sheepskin rugs, your customers can elevate their outdoor spaces to new heights. These luxurious additions provide unparalleled comfort, striking aesthetics, and the ability to conquer the elements without compromising on style.

If you think that our sheepskins could make an excellent decorative item for your customers, register with us for a trade account.

At Hanlin we pride ourselves on high quality items, in wholesale quantities, at competitive prices. We will be happy to help advice on the best pieces to stock for your store, boutique or ecommerce site.