Our range of cowhide rugs are a bi-product of the South American meat industry where instead of going to waste, cowhides are tanned and preserved with the hair on, showcasing their spectacular unique markings to provide a natural covering for walls, stone and wooden floors or as use as a throw over furniture to add texture and colour to any interior.

Each cowhide has been hand selected by Hanlin, working with some of the finest tanneries in South America to ensure good quality and variation of markings. As with all natural hides and skins, you should expect to see hides that have some fire branding marks, scarring or insect bite marks. Some have minor imperfections including stitching or small patched repairs, but this does not take away from the hides stunning appearance as a whole piece and should not be viewed as a defect.

Our hides are chromium tanned, which provides not only a durable rug with no unpleasant odours but also the supple finish makes them ideal for upholstery of furniture pieces such as footstools and barstools as well as manufacturing of small leather goods such as handbags and purses.

Our printed and metallic cowhides offer an alternative to the traditional natural cowhides. The metallic hides have been specially treated with acid spray to remove some of the hair and those areas have then been filled with a metallic foil offering a unique style. The printed cowhides, with their stunning designs are not only popular with those looking for a more funky and fresh look but also with those wanting to use the hides in manufacturing.

As no two cowhides are the same, we offer a unique service of providing you with photos of every hide for your selection. Please take some time to view our range of cowhides and to look through all of the different colour categories as the variation of markings needs to be seen to be believed!