Reindeer Hides

At Hanlin, we stock some of the highest quality reindeer hides available in wholesale quantities at competitive prices. Reindeer Hide is one of nature’s greatest insulators, with natural warming properties, amazing qualities, and a great luxurious look. Reindeer hides are a key item to have in stock for your store.

Reindeer hides are becoming much more popular for decoration in the home. The natural colourings in the hide can provide a beautiful rustic look when being used as accent pieces. Plus they will make any room look and feel warmer.

With Reindeer Hides plush qualities, they make a great addition to the bedroom for added comfort. Customers are sure to be wowed by the soft touch of reindeer hides. The softness and suppleness of the material makes a reindeer hide perfect for a bed throw as well. It’s perfect to give that extra warmth through the colder nights.

Although Reindeer Hides tend to be weatherproof thanks to the tough condition’s reindeers live in, the hair can also be delicate. Reindeer hides need to be treated with care and respect to keep them looking their best. Hanlin can help in advising the best care for our fabulous range of Reindeer Hides available, so you can pass on the care advice to your customers.

At Hanlin we have several different types of Reindeer Hides to offer:

Best Quality and Premium Spotted Reindeer Hide

Premium Standard Shade Reindeer Hide

B Grade and Economy Reindeer hide

Scandinavian Reindeer Hide

Scandinavian Light shade and White Reindeer Hide

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